Prevention against covid-19 infections in Patpol and Patpol Legal

Dear Clients, Business Partners, Friends,


Each day we are observing new influx of information about new infections of coronavirus. The situation in Warsaw and Poland is changing day by day and activities leading to possible virus transmission are being gradually reduced.

We hope that in the coming weeks and by following the administrative recommendations, we will be able to overcome the outbreak of covid-19 in Poland and worldwide.


We would like to ensure that our company continuously operates and provides services at the same level, with our employees mostly working remotely.

We have tools and technologies that make this kind of work possible, which is why we continue to take care of your needs and we are available to any inquiries.


I would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone health and strength to survive this extraordinary time. Let’s remain calm and responsible for ourselves and others around us,




Izabella Dudek-Urbanowicz                                         Dariusz Piróg

managing director, Patpol                                            managing partner, Patpol Legal





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