Agata Witkowska writes about copyrights in the creative industry in the daily Puls Biznesu!

In the latest daily Puls Biznesu of July 22, Agata Witkowska looks at the most controversial changes provided for the latest Directive from European Parliament and the EU Council on copyright and related rights in the Digital Single Market and the amendments to Directives 96/9 / EC and 2001/29 /IN.

There is no doubt that with the development of the Internet, the way of using cultural resources and the effects of the work of the creative sector are changing. The pandemic period resulting in the closure of cinemas, theaters, galleries and the cancellation of concerts only confirmed this fact. The rapidly changing realities make it necessary to amend copyright law in order to provide authors and publishers with effective online protection. This is also the purpose of the authors of the Directive.

What significant changes are foreseen by the new EU regulations for the creative sector?

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